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Harmony in Health:
A Journey to Balance Wellness
with Principle Nutrition

Elevate your well-being with PrincipleNutrition’s
holistic range of health solutions tailored to
unlock your fullest potential.

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Cutting-edge Formulations:
Our Commitment to
Advanced Nutrition Science

Experience our dedication to excellence through
innovative formulations that harness the latest
advancements in nutrition science for optimal health.

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Achieve Optimal Health
and Potential with Principle
Nutrition’s Supplements

Explore PrincipleNutrition’s premium dietary
supplements, crafted with top-quality, natural
ingredients for optimal health and well-being.

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PrincipleNutrition offers high-quality of health and beauty dietary supplements that are made from top grade natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Our products are being manufactured under strict US FDA GMP standards. We have a complete range of dietary supplements, ranging from your daily essentials to specialty and functional nutrients! So “Stay Healthy and Live Your Life” with Principle Nutrition.


In PrincipleNutrition, we believe where Asian individuals has a responsibility to achieve optimal health to maximize their “unique” potential

PNVita is a complete line of dietary supplements that utilizes technology and innovation to create premium nutrition products

Great-tasting gummy vitamins fortified with vitamins and minerals proven to be effective for your child’s growth. No.1 Multivitamin & Minerals in Singapore.

Providing Probiotic solutions to help optimise your body’s friendly bacteria, giving you strong gut health to achieve better health. Manage stress, sleep cycle, …

Specialized in effervescent tablet format, helping to boost immune system and improve physical performance and strength. Cool orange taste.

PNPLUS brand is an brand extension of PrincipleNutrition offering only the best in category formulations with special focus on selected premium raw materials.

Inspired by the secret of K-Beauty. Klab products are formulated by Lee Jae Young, a well known weight management doctor based in Seoul-Korea. All ingredients are carefully selected for ideal weight loss for Asian bodies.

The best quality products that meet all regulatory and health standards and your child’s growth is our upmost priority.

SlimSpa is dedicated to offer the safest and most effective slimming products available for the market

Shizuku is produced using the latest Nano TRI-Collagen Peptide technology. This technology allows 100% absorption into bloodstream, making it readily absorbed upon digestion.

Our Story

Our laboratories develop since 1971 a complete range of natural nutritional supplements dedicated to the daily needs of the individual, fusing a science-based expertise with natural herbal traditions. We deliver the best-in-category products to improve your well-being and enhance your quality of life…

Factory Facilities

A clean facility is vital to formulating and producing high quality, natural products, and we maintain ours to meet the high standards mandated by our principles. Covering a 78,000 square foot area, our NSF certified cGMP facility houses all the processes needed to develop quality supplements.


We have tons of products for your business. To find out more, please email, call, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.



To achieve “best-in-category” products though innovative and effective nutraceutical products and efficient marketing


Joints hold our bones together. Without them, we would be helpless to move about and function normally.


Great-tasting gummy vitamins fortified with vitamins and minerals proven to be effective for your child’s growth


Beauty aids can give you the boost you need so you can look and feel your very best for healthier lifestyle